What Is Adfly, and How Can We Make Money from It?

What Is Adfly, and How Can We Make Money from It?

What Is Adfly, and How Can We Make Money from It?

What Is AdFly?

AdFly is a URL shortener website that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering 50% of the advertising revenue.

Adfly members fall into the two different categories, publishers and advertisers.

  • Publishers

  • A publisher will earn money through AdFly by placing short links on their website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Each time when any of their visitors clicks on an AdFly link, they will first view a full-page advertisement for 5 seconds before being able to click the Skip Ad button and continue to their intended destination. The AdFly website shares this revenue with the Publisher of the link.

  • Advertisers

  • Advertisers pay to AdFly for visitors to their website or affiliate URL. They can target a country, set a campaign budget, and buy visitors sent by AdFly publishers.

    How Can You Make Money from Adfly?

    To make money from AdFly, follow these simple instructions:

    1. Go to the https://adf.ly/ website.
    2. Signup and login to your Adfly account.
    3. Enter the website URL (such as http://www.asifkamboh.com) in the blank white box and click on the 'Shrink!' button.
    4. Copy and share the AdFly shortened link on your website post, into a forum or blog post, Facebook status, Twitter post, WhatsApp groups, etc.
    5. You will earn money every time when someone clicks on this link.
    6. When you post or share valuable information on the Internet, share your information, article, and download URL by shortening it with an AdFly link.

    How to Increase Your AdFly Revenue?

    Here are four easy steps to increase your AdFly revenue.

    • Pop Ads
    • Push Ads
    • Referral Program
    • Random Domains

    1. What Are Pop Ads on AdFly? & How Can You Use Them?

    In addition to making money from your AdFly short links, you can try out a new way to advertise on AdFly-Pop ads. If you already use AdFly 'Full Page Script' or 'Website Entry Script' on your website and the installation is very easy then this popup can get you extra revenue, just add the following variables:

    var popunder = true;

    The amount of money you can earn on your JavaScript code depends on the volume of traffic to your website. Or if you want to make money, when a visitor easily enters your site without clicking on the AdFly link, Just add the AdFly pop ad script below to your blog.

    <script type="text/javascript">
        var adfly_id = 9260019;
        var popunder_frequency_delay = 0;
        var adfly_google_compliant = false;
    <script src="https://cdn.adf.ly/js/display.js"></script>

    Before adding the above script to your blog, change this AdFly ID "9260019" with your AdFly account ID, you can get your AdFly account ID from this URL address https://adf.ly/publisher/tools#tools-popads.

    This ad does not affect your AdFly link anyway, it will continue as usual, so this is nothing but extra money!

    2. What Are Push Ads on AdFly? & How Do They Work?

    AdFly has added a new advertising format that will increase the revenue from your existing AdFly links. The way it works is effortless. After your users click on the 'Skip Ad' button, they will need permission to push notifications to continue to the desired URL. When this happens, they will be sent a small number of targeted ads after leaving the site, and you will be paid whenever they see these ads.

    You will generate revenue from visitors to your blog or website for weeks to come, regardless of whether they return to your site or not. The AdFly team recommend that you to enable this feature for at least a week to view revenue. It takes time to build users, but as long as you use it, the more revenue is generated. And the AdFly statistics are updated every 24 hours and will be displayed on your primary publisher's homepage once enabled.

    3. Do You Have an AdFly Referral Program? & How Much Does It Pay?

    Yes, AdFly does. For each of Publisher referrals, AdFly will pay 20% of what they earn through advertising. This 20% comes out of the AdF.ly revenue share, and your referral will always receive 100% of their earnings. If you refer advertisers to AdF.ly, you will earn a 5% commission on any completed campaigns. To find your referral link log in to your AdFly account and go to this link:


    4. What Are the Random Domains?

    The random domain is a feature that creates new domains to use permanently with your short links. Now in addition to AdFly public domains:

  • adf.ly
  • j.gs
  • q.gs

  • You can use random domains that are automatically selected by the AdFly system. You don't need to do anything else but choose the option from the 'Domains' dropdown list. They are a perfect alternative to sharing your contacts on Facebook and Twitter and around the world. You can always return at any time by selecting our public domain from the list.

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