How to Create a Box Cloud Drive Direct Download Link?

How to Create a Box Cloud Drive Direct Download Link?
Welcome to the Asif kamboh blog; on this occasion, I will teach you how to create a direct download link of box cloud storage files without using an API key.

The procedure I will share with you now will only require a file share link, which will allow you to leave the box cloud storage page and download the file directly.

So if you want to learn how to create a share link of box cloud drive files and how to convert it to a direct download link without using an API or an Authentication key, then follow these steps.

What is Box?
The box is a cloud storage drive that provides file sharing, collaboration, and other tools to work with files uploaded to its servers. Box Cloud Drive was created in 2005 for university-based documents and is an excellent cloud storage app for editing Microsoft documents online.

Box offers 10 GB of storage and 10 GB of monthly bandwidth to its free account users, and free account users can upload files up to 250 MB (Megabyte). And if users upgrade their account, the box offers 100 GB and unlimited storage packages with 2 TB (Terabyte) monthly bandwidth and a 2GB/5GB file size limit.

What is the box share and direct download link?
Share Link allows the user to share any file or folder in their Box Cloud Storage with their friends via the Internet, allowing them to access the file and download it easily whether the user's friend has an account in the box cloud storage or not.

And when the user's friend opens the shared link in their web browser. In front of it, a web page of the box will open in which he will be able to download the file by clicking on the download button.

And if you modify the shared link and convert it to a Direct download link, then when this link is opened inside the web browser, the file will start downloading directly, and the box's web page won't open.

How to create a direct download link of Box Cloud Drive files?
First, we need to create a share link to the file for which we want to create a direct download link. So let's start creating a share link of the file in the box cloud.

Go to your Box account, and right-click on the file in which you want to create a direct download link, and click the "Share" option.

Then a share popup screen will open. Close it by clicking on the cross icon in the upper right corner of this window.

And then, click the name of the file you shared.

Once you click on the file name, the File ID and Shared Name of this file will appear in the web browser's address bar. Note this file ID and shared name in Notepad; We need it to create a direct download link.

Copy the URL below to your notepad, and replace the [FILE-ID] with your file id and the [SHARED-NAME] with your shared name; once you do that, it means the direct download link is created, and then when you open this link in the browser, the download process will start without opening the box web page.[SHARED-NAME]&file_id=f_[FILE-ID]

Example of a direct download link.

I hope I've been able to teach you how to create a direct download link of the box cloud drive, and if you have any queries about this post, you can comment below.

Tip: Joel Grayson has developed a direct download link generator tool, and it's easy for people who don't want to copy or paste a file ID or shared name. In this tool, you need to copy and paste the shared files browser link, which instantly generates a direct download link.
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