How to Make Your Number Private on Android?

How to Make Your Number Private on Android?

How to Make Your Number Private on Android?
This article allows you to make your number private so that when you call someone, your phone number does not appear on their caller ID.

Before you begin this process, you should know that you can always use *67 to block your number, but there are other ways. Most carriers have a hidden number configuration that allows you to enable their app. If all else fails, call your carrier and ask them to hide their number.

A quick no caller ID trick: *67
If you call someone and want to hide your number from them, one of the easiest ways is to use the *67 trick when dialing that person's number. This will register your phone number as 'Private'. You will need to do this for each call you want to make with a hidden number. But if you need to hide your number for a call now and later, this is a good option to keep your number private.

Use the hide number no caller ID trick.
Almost all Android devices on most mobile carriers offer the option to hide your number by default, and it becomes unnecessary to input *67 whenever you make a call. Below is how to block your contact number using the Android mobile phone's built-in hidden number feature.

Note: If you do not have the option to hide the number after following the steps below, it is possible that your carrier or device does not support it.

1. First, tap on the Phone icon at the bottom of your device's home screen.

2. Tap the three dots in the upper right and select Settings.

How to Make Your Number Private on Android?

3. Tap Calls and select Additional Settings.

How to Make Your Number Private on Android?

4. When this loading is finished, select Caller ID.

5. Select Hide Number option from the popup menu.

How to Make Your Number Private on Android?

This caller ID will not do any tricks, so your number will never be revealed when you call someone. Instead, it will appear as a blocked, private, or caller ID. If you want your number to reappear temporarily, you can preface the number you're calling with *82. Alternatively, if you want to turn off your hidden number function, repeat the steps above. In the last Caller ID popup window of Additional Settings, select the Network Default or Show Number option.

Ask your carrier to block your number.
If your mobile phone does not have the option to block numbers, you may need to privatize your number from your carrier. Sometimes this can be done with an official application request. If the above-mentioned call blocking services do not support your device in official apps, try contacting your carrier directly.

Use burner number.
If none of the above caller ID tricks work, you can buy a prepaid phone, often called a burner or disposable number. Many charging services allow you to route your calls, text, and photo messages via a temporary number.

Limitations on hiding your phone number.
There are some calls on which you cannot hide your number. Toll-free services and 911 emergency services will always be able to see your number. Some third-party applications may allow anyone to interfere with any number, so neither of them is guaranteed.
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