How to Add a Task to Google Calendar?

How to Add a Task to Google Calendar?

How to Add a Task to Google Calendar?
Welcome to Asif Kamboh blog; on this occasion, I'm going to explain how to add tasks to Google Calendar and manage task lists in the web, Android, iOS versions of Google Tasks.

How to add tasks to Google Calendar on a computer?
When you're working on your desktop, it's easy to access Google Tasks from Google Calendar site. Create a to-do list and add new tasks as needed.

1. Go to the Google Calendar website in your browser (preferably with the Chrome browser) and log in with your Google / Gmail account, If you're already logged in to your browser with your Google Account, you won't need to log in.

2. Click the Tasks icon in the upper right panel.

Tip: If you do not see the Tasks icon but see reminders, select the menu to the reminders' right and select Switch to Tasks.

How to Add a Task to Google Calendar?

3. Then click Add a task.

How to Add a Task to Google Calendar?

4. Enter the details of your task. For example, I write Adding a task.

5. Once you have entered your task's details, press the Enter key on your computer keyboard to save the task.

How to Add a Task to Google Calendar?

Work with your to-do list.
Google Tasks is very easy to manage; select a date in the Tasks feature to add your Google Calendar task. To rearrange tasks in a list, drag a task up or down the list. When you have completed a task, place a check in the circle to the left of the task to categorize it into complete sections.

Select the edit details (pencil icon) to edit Google Tasks, add a description, add a date and time, add sub-tasks, or move a task to a different task list.

Create multiple task lists.
To keep track of different tasks, such as work tasks and household chores, or tasks in separate projects, Create multiple task lists in Google Calendar to manage them. Click the drop-down arrow at the top of the Tasks window, and then select Create new list. Switch between your various Google task lists from this menu.

How to Add a Task to Google Calendar?

Move tasks to another list.
It's easy to move tasks from one list to another, And you can move tasks using shortcut keys or manually options, So if you want to move a task to another list, highlight that task and press Shift + Enter from the keyboard. Or click on the pencil icon with the name of the task. Then select the name of the list, and from the drop-down menu, select the list to which you want to transfer this task.

Add Google Tasks to your Android or iOS device.
Moving tasks must be completed. Google has created an app for Google Tasks, so it is accessible on iOS and Android devices. If you're signed in to a Google Account, Google Tasks automatically synchronizes with existing to-do lists.

Adding a task to a mobile device is tantamount to adding a task via Google Calendar. Just tap the plus sign button to create a task. Tap to add sub-tasks or to add a set date or description. Arrange tasks by tapping and dragging.
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