How to Get Free Symantec Endpoint Protection?

How to Get Free Symantec Endpoint Protection?

How to Get Free Symantec Endpoint Protection?
Welcome to Asif Kamboh Blog. On this occasion, I will discuss how you can protect your Windows computer from hacker attacks and get Symantec Endpoint Protection Antivirus for free forever.

The procedure is that we will download the Symantec Endpoint Protection client's licensed anti-virus software and install it on our computer, and then we will update the virus definition of this anti-virus. And make some configurations in this anti-virus to prevent our computer from being attacked by hackers and viruses.

So if you want to know what Symantec Endpoint Protection Anti-Virus is, how to get its client license for free for life, and how to configure it to protect your computer from hackers and virus attacks.

What is Symantec Endpoint Protection?
Symantec is one of the world's oldest security companies, and its Norton security software suite is well known. The company had also introduced an antivirus called Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition, but its development has not continued. Another set, called Symantec Endpoint Protection, is another company's security product, published in two versions in full and small businesses.

The full version is one of the best antivirus networks. It is also possible to make full use of the client version of this program without cracking. And below is the features and characteristics of Symantec Endpoint Protection Anti-Virus:
  • Simple and fast environment
  • Lightness and low use of computer resources
  • Powerful antivirus and firewall
  • Ensure browser security when working with the Internet
  • Prevent spying and malicious programs
  • Protect databases installed on the server
  • Full compatibility with Windows server and access level control
  • Ability to define server and client computers
  • Integrate and automate updates
  • Client version does not require license and activation
  • Ability to update via a file
  • Compatible with most versions of Windows
How to get a client and full edition license?
The Symantec Endpoint Protection client version selects unmanaged mode during installation, does not require serial or crack, and works without restriction. All you have to do is download and install the (Client Edition) setup file according to your computer processor x86 or x64 from the download links below and update it after the installation is complete.

If you download the full version of Symantec Endpoint Protection and select Unmanaged Mode, the client version will also be installed. The full version of Symantec Endpoint Protection has a time period to use the program. And a file extending this period to 2030 will be in the crack folder, which you will replace with the original file before installing the program.

Before installing the full edition version of Symantec Endpoint Protection, replace the crack folder file "sep_trial.slf", with the file from this directory "Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3.3384.1000\SEPM" to obtain trial until 01.07.2030. And the full package of the Symantec Endpoint Protection includes additional tools in addition to the Windows version, as well as special versions for Linux and Mac.

There are two ways to update this software, one through live updates and online, and the other way to get files and updates offline. To update offline, go to this page and select the Software and Activation section, which is 32 or 64 bits, to download the relevant file according to the type of the operating system, and then run it.

Download Links of Symantec Endpoint Protection.
Below are the direct download links for Symantec Endpoint Protection. And after downloading the RAR compressed file, you can extract it with at least version 5.5 of the WinRAR or 7-zip utility program.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3 x64 x86 Full Edition 1.86 GB Download
Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3 x64 Client Edition 117 MB Download
Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3 x86 Client Edition 105 MB Download
Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3 macOS Client Edition 119 MB Download
Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2 Linux Client Edition 23 MB Download

How to configure for maximum protection?
To protect your Windows PC from hackers and virus attacks, download and install the Symantec Endpoint Protection Client Edition program from the above links. And after completing the installation, you will need to restart your computer once.

1. Launch the Symantec Endpoint Protection client edition program in administrator mode.

2. Update the definition of the virus by clicking LiveUpdate... And after the live update session is complete, click the Close button. (Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet before starting the updating process)

How to Get Free Symantec Endpoint Protection?

3. Click the Options button in virus and spyware protection, and then click Change Settings...

How to Get Free Symantec Endpoint Protection?

4. After opening the Virus and Spyware Protection Settings, Check the Enable Insight for: Symantec Trusted, and Enable Bloodhound heuristic virus detection: Automatic options in the Global Settings tab.

5. Check the Enable File System Auto-Protect, choose All types in the File Types option, and then check the Scan for security risks, Scan files on remote computers, Only when files are executed options in the Auto-Protect tab.

6. Go to the Download Insight tab, Check the Enable Download Insight to detect potential risks based on the file reputation option, set the specify download sensitivity level to number 9 (Maximum), and check the Automatically trust any file downloaded from a trusted internet or intranet site option in Trusted Sites Settings.

7. Go to Early Launch Anti-Malware tab, Check the Enable Symantec Early Launch Anti-Malware option, and choose the Use the defult Windows action for the detection option, and then click on the OK button for applying the custom cofigurations.

How to Get Free Symantec Endpoint Protection?

Note: The above configuration is for the protection of files, which are stored in your computer system, or connected to it such as USB, external HDD (Hard Disk Drives), etc. And the setting below is for internet security.

8. Click the Options button in the Network and Host Exploit Mitigation, and select the View Application Settings...

How to Get Free Symantec Endpoint Protection?

9. Cross all applications that you do not use for the Internet, and tick only those applications that you use for the Internet, and then click the OK button.

How to Get Free Symantec Endpoint Protection?

Important: Doing so will allow only the apps on your computer to access the Internet that you have ticked, and the other apps you have crossed will not be able to access the Internet, Even your computer is connected to the Internet.
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