How to Submit a Sitemap in Google Search Console?

How to Submit a Sitemap in Google Search Console?

How to Submit a Sitemap in Google Search Console?
Welcome! to blog, At this point, I will explain what Blogger Blogspot Sitemap is and how we can submit it in Google Search Console.

There is no option to upload a sitemap to the Blogspot site, as the Blogger automatically generates and provides sitemap.xml for each blog site.

The good news is that for Blogger Blogspot users, when a user creates a blog site on Blogger, the sitemap is automatically generated, and that's why the user's blog automatically appears in Google's search engines.

What Is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file where the website owner provides information about the pages, videos, and other files on their site and the relationships between them.

Search engines like Google Search Console read this file to crawl the site more intelligently. A sitemap.xml file tells Google Search Console which pages and files are essential to your site and also provides valuable information about those files.

For example, for pages, when the page was last updated, how many times the page was changed, and an alternate language version of a page.

How to Submit a Sitemap in Google Search Console?

Open the Google Search Console Web > select Domain Properties > and go to the "Sitemaps" option > Fill in the text below the "Add a new sitemap" menu and click the Submit button.

Before adding the sitemap URL to your Google Search Console domain property, replace "" with your blog's URL address.

How to Submit a Sitemap in Google Search Console?

Now that your blog sitemap has been submitted to the Google Search Console, Google crawlers automatically detect your new post from your blog and index it in the Google search engine.

Additional sitemap settings in Google Search Console.

In the additional settings, you'll learn how to render another sitemap URL address in Google Search Console. Yes, if you have more than 150 posts on your Blogger blog, you need to add a new sitemap, because the sitemap on Blogger is divided into 150 items per page.

For example, the blog has more than 170 posts, then the sitemap is sent to the Google Search Console in 2 pieces, namely sitemap.xml?page=1 and sitemap.xml?page=2.

This means that if you have 978 posts on your blog, you will submit the sitemap in 7 pieces, and similarly, you will continue to submit the sitemap by counting your blog posts using the multiplication of 150.

This image shows multiple sitemaps on Google Search Console.

Additional sitemap settings are optional. If you only submit sitemap.xml and sitemap-pages.xml in Google Search Console, the Google search engine crawler automatically detects the sitemap. When there are more than 150 posts on your blog, as shown in the picture above.

I hope you find this "Blogger Sitemap" tutorial very useful and helpful, Thank You!
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